Before, After and some Bits in Between

It’s going to be a beautiful day…. 10/07/2011

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With Thanksgiving approaching (which is by far my favorite holiday) I thought I should write down some things that I am thankful for. Sometimes it’s way too easy to get caught up in the up’s and down’s of crazy co-workers, negative comments and thoughts and so many other life events that are thrown at us each and every day.

Instead of focusing on those things and letting them take over… here’s a little bit about what I love 😉

  • Fall Weather (what’s better than breaking out the fuzzy socks and DRINKING hot cocoa?)
  • Fall Colors (They’re not around for long so soak it all in)
  • Family (no matter how crazy I get… because of my crazy “work” they still love me)
  • Ummmm Turkey dinner! (why do we have to wait for Thanksgiving to have turkey?)
  • American Thanksgiving (Yes… I willingly celebrate both Thanksgivings because it is such a great holiday! Afterall… the only thing better than one Thanksgiving is TWO THANKSGIVINGS!)