Before, After and some Bits in Between

today is brought to you by the number….. 215 08/11/2011

Why 215 do you ask?

That is approximately the amount of kilometers I ran in the month of July. It is actually more than that because I wasn’t being very consistent about writing it all down.

I just thought it would be fun to add it up and now I’m totally in awe of my own number!

How many steps do you think that might be?





My race in Quebec City is about 2 weeks away and I’m starting to think of how much I’ve put myself (and my feet) through over the last couple of months. All the tempo runs, steady runs… Oh gawd the LOOOOONG runs! At this point in time I have to say that although I’d love a PR at this race it really is okay if that doesn’t happen. I’ve hit other PR’s and am so proud of what I’m accomplishing. I didn’t really realize it all until today.

Cheers to many more miles to come!!!



Strength 07/28/2011

Part of the marathon route

This week has been great so far for training. Here’s what I’ve done:

Monday 25th: rest

Tuesday 26th : 20min stairs – various weights for my legs and core – 5km on the treadmill

Wednesday 27th: 10 minutes running warm up/ 10x300m sprinting with 150m rests./ Cool down. It was all about 8km

Thursday 28th: 15km planned, steady run

Friday 29th: 8km planned, steady run

Saturday 30th: 6km planned, steady run

Sunday 31st: 32km planned, run/ walk

If all goes as planned for the remainder of the week I’ll be doing great for the Quebec City Marathon on Aug. 28th.I’m not too sure how I feel about my times  but at least I know I’m working my butt off to get there!!

So; strength. For a really long time I’ve known that I have what it takes on the inside to carry me through 42.2 km. This I can do. The mental strength required is absolutely amazing but somehow I am able to talk myself through it.

The “other” strength that I’m now working on is how to push my body to new limits in order to run faster. Just in adding weights once a week I feel stronger. I have also paid more attention to hills (which I still find are my weakness) and speed work.

Stay tuned… just about a month to go until race day!



Canada day Weekend 2011 07/04/2011

As of June 30th I’m on vacation until July 11th! Yay!

I did some running around in the afternoon after finishing work at noon and then drove up to Petawawa. I’m spending most of the week here with Sean.

When I arrived we decided to rent the last few Harry Potter movies to be prepared for the last movie that’s coming out soon. The man at the desk at Blockbuster was making the most rediculous jokes… “Going for the full pot”? Had to laugh at that one!

We’ve been watching one movie each night.

On Friday morning we starting moving a mound of dirt where we want to plant a vegetable garden and for the first time in my life I pulled my back. I now understand the pain of pulling one’s back. I’ve never quite gotten it before but no only is it painful… it renders you useless. I couldn’t do anything to help and felt terrible. In addition to that I am on a pretty strict running schedule until the end of August. I was able to rest my back for about 2 1/2 days and then yesterday I managed a 10km. It was really slow but felt great. I’m less worried and think I’ll heal fine. Ill just have to pay attention to what I’m doing.

Moving the mound of dirt for the garden

It was an extremely HOT day

My feet got a little dirty

So many veggies to choose from!

In the end we even had a few flowers

Closing off a great day with a little fire


Kickin my butt 06/29/2011

Training so far has proven motivational and a huge help to get me going.

The count down to the Quebec City Race is on and I need to see some very big improvements. I’m not a naturally fast runner so I know that I’m going to really have to focus; more than that I’m going to have to want this really bad!

Hills are kickin my butt! I did a 10km run on the treadmill all at an elevation between 1% and 3% and I really felt it. At the 8 km mark I was at 51minutes. That’s 6 minutes slower than my previous 8km run that was outside and relatively flat!

The good news…. I’m doing hill runs! As something I’m not good at I always would avoid this.. so I wouldnt get any better of course!

Tonight; weights.. and really looking forward to it!


Training 06/22/2011

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The past week has been great for training and last night I had my first session with a personal trainer.

I was there for about 2 hours and here’s what I did:

2 X 2min skip – 30sec rest in between

2 X  2min skip on my toes – 30 sec rest in between

3 sets of however many leg raises I could do. (for these I was lying down; after leg raise I also lifted my bum and lower back off the bench)

8min bike – 105 rpm – level 10

8min bike – 90 rpm – level 12

8 min “monster step thing” – left side

8 min “monster step thing” – right side

45 minutes of running: 10 min at 5mph, 10 min at 6mph and 5% incline, 10 min at 7.2mph and 10 min at 5mph and 3% incline. The extra 5 minutes was cool down. It felt great!

Tonight I’m in for another 2 hours but focusing on legs and weights.


Quebec City Marathon Training Plan 05/30/2011

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From today I have 13 weeks to continue training for the Quebec City Marathon that’s on the 29th of August.

The main plan is on paper and I feel pretty good about it since I’ve been training for the last few months. My only concern is this weird abdominal strain that I seem to still have.

I’ve really cut back on the running over the last 2 weeks (and am going a bit stir crazy) and it’s there. It’s not a terrible pain and it only lasts the first 10-15 minutes of a run but is frustrating. Two weeks ago I ran a great 11 miles and the next day was when I felt the pain.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Alright the plan:

Monday May 30th: 8×600 meters with a 200 meter jog in between. I’m going to focus a lot on warm up and cool down to make sure I don’t make my injury worse.


Bow out 05/29/2011

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Sometimes; for whatever reason our bodies protest against us and we have to step down.

This morning is the Ottawa Marathon and after much pondering I decided to bow down. I would rather heal properly in order to train for the Quebec City marathon at the end of August. I don’t deal very well with failure so it’s been a tough couple of days feeling like I’m letting myself down.

Now I’m starting to understand that there are some things that I have control over; those are things I can change if I decide too… but an injury needs time to heal. I can’t control that; or change it so not I’m thinking this day is a success because I am not hurting myself more.

Giving myself a pat on the back for resting my feet…. and aching injury. ( Soooo hard to swallow this one… I just want to be running!!)