Before, After and some Bits in Between

Quebec City Marathon – turned to half marathon 09/06/2011

Well…. on August 27th Sean and I drove to Quebec city to see some sites and check into the hotel the day before my Marathon.
















I felt great about my training and was ready to run and be happy with whatever time I came out with. The hotel was beautiful with the best view they had. We puttered around the city, visited the Citadel, had some great food and really took it all in.












At the running expo I was looking for spibelt that I had seen on Carrots N Cake  (a great and inspiring blog I read) and came across a similar product called iFitness. It was absolutely perfect for carrying ID, iPhone, extra elastic’s and 3 Gel’s. It didn’t bounce around at all for the race. I was also able to attach my bib right to the bottom of it.

Some other essentials I made sure I had for the race:

Shoes (duh), iPod, socks that I know protect my feet, Garmin 305.

That night I was in bed and sleeping by 10:00pm because I had to be up and ready to catch the shuttle bus by 6:30. The hotel had cute little breakfast boxes for all the runners so I had a few things from there and brought a coffee for the bus ride.

Here’s where things get interesting…. As we all know hurricane Irene affected a very large area of North America… Quebec City wasn’t ignored. As I was walking to the bus I was told that the marathon was cancelled due to high winds that were expected as well as the usual storm effects that come with a hurricane. At first I was shocked… then I was sad. This was MY big run of the year. The one I’ve been training for so long.

By the time I arrived to the half marathon start line I had decided I was about to run and beat my half marathon PR.

Here’s how that went….

I beat my PR! 1:55:55 … not only that it was quite windy and there were lots of hills. I felt really proud and really good the whole way through the race.

You can see all my splits by clicking here. I’ve been taking my iPhone with me while I run and tracking everything. This time is slightly different from my official race time.

I know I look ridiculous in the photo below but I don’t care. I was beyond happy with how the run was going! Cheers!


Never, Never, Never Quit

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(written mid-August)

Over the past few weeks I have been facing some tough things that I’d really not to have to deal with. But that’s not a real choice in life.

I’m a very agreeable person that tends to let things and situations I don’t like or don’t want to face stretch like an elastic band until the last minute. Sometimes the band will break and slap me in the face. This should teach me a lesson; “Melissa if you don’t like something speak up or it’ll spin out of control until it’s unchangeable”.

Sometimes, when I get the band in the face… I bite back.

On July 19th I had an offer on my house and ever since it’s been quite a whirlwind of stories and lies from my real estate agent. I’m making a very long story short but right now I’m taking to a lawyer about the original offer to see if there’s anything that can be done.

These people may have a good reason not to buy my house… but they may not. This is in limbo land because for too long I let myself believe that my agent was honest and working for me. Even though I didn’t always agree with him or think he was doing a good job.

I almost signed a release form to let them out of the contract simply because he told me too. For some reason I said I’d think about it and had a feeling in my stomach that this wasn’t right. It didn’t make sense and they were not following the conditions of the contract.

I’ve chosen not to sign and this has turned my agent into a very unprofessional person who happens to be the broker at Remax. I’ve chosen not to give up on this because I feel I have been wronged; lied too; taken advantage of….

…update; it’s now the 6th of September and I have really moved on from this. I did everything I could do and had to let this one go. I’m in the process now of getting myself a new agent and am SUPER happy about it!!

Keep  your fingers crossed for me please!


Stand Up Paddle Board 08/14/2011

Sean came to visit this weekend and today we went Stand up Paddle Boarding for 3 hours.

It was with a group of 8 people and we were in and around the Lachine Rapides. So much fun!!! I had gotten two passes through “Groupon” for his birthday for half price and today was the day to do it!

On the way there

...and again the way there

On the board and ready

Sean's moving fast!

Getting instructions of how to enter rapides

More lessons....


Karma 08/10/2011

I like the word but it is kind of a strange one.

A little magical sounding… like if the world does revolve around karma then things could get really exciting at any moment! In an earlier post (Shake it up) I talked about the house I have for sale and how much I would really love to sell it; well…. I have an offer!!! I turned 30 on July 17th and dreamt of the most amazing gift… the sale of my house.

By the 19th I had a offer. Now, I’m not holding my breath because it’s pending the sale of their house. So then I started to think that karma is starting to kick in!

I haven’t lost all hope but today I received an email from my agent saying my neighbors are telling potential buyers I got a $12,000 reduction because of an asbestos problem. This isn’t the reality AT ALL of what happened in the closing of the sale when I bought the house but I can see how it might affect buyers. They will want a price reduction too.

So….. karma…. what have I done to upset you??

Do you believe in karma?


We judge ourselves…. 07/25/2011

…by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.

On July 17th I turned 30.

Nothing feels any different except for the fact that I’m not waiting on any epic and life-changing birthdays any time soon. Life goes on and that day gets further and further behind you.

When someone turns 30 are they expecting something to happen? Should something happen? Is there a line drawn somewhere that indicates where you should be in your life?

In my 30 years here on earth I’ve achieved and accomplished quite a lot. I have a great job, I have a house, car… I am extremely healthy, I run marathon’s, I have wonderful boyfriend that loves me and takes care of me…who I love and take care of as well.

…..but; I currently live at my mother’s house because of where my job is in relation to my house… and the fact that I can’t sell the house.

Does that mean that I failed the test and I’m below that line?  Do any of the other things I’ve accomplished mean anything towards being above the line?

I’m hard on myself…. I am REALLY hard on myself. Sometimes I forget about all the things I’ve done in my life and only focus on what is right in front of my face.  I love my mother and I don’t know where I’d be at this moment without her help… however this is not exactly where I thought I’d be at thirty.

On the other hand… Travelling the world with Scouts Canada… fundraising in order help build homes and bathrooms in third world countries…. seeing children there smile; that is no small accomplishment. My point here is not to toot my own horn… it’s to remind everyone (myself included) that the people around you are seeing the whole picture. They are not judging solely on where you are today but also on where you’ve come from. I’m talking about the people around you that know you and love you for who you are and what you went through to become that person.

Stand up, Smile, Be Strong.  Breathe…..

Remember that it is not who you are that holds you back; it’s who you think you are.

El Salvador..... feels peaceful


Canada day Weekend 2011 07/04/2011

As of June 30th I’m on vacation until July 11th! Yay!

I did some running around in the afternoon after finishing work at noon and then drove up to Petawawa. I’m spending most of the week here with Sean.

When I arrived we decided to rent the last few Harry Potter movies to be prepared for the last movie that’s coming out soon. The man at the desk at Blockbuster was making the most rediculous jokes… “Going for the full pot”? Had to laugh at that one!

We’ve been watching one movie each night.

On Friday morning we starting moving a mound of dirt where we want to plant a vegetable garden and for the first time in my life I pulled my back. I now understand the pain of pulling one’s back. I’ve never quite gotten it before but no only is it painful… it renders you useless. I couldn’t do anything to help and felt terrible. In addition to that I am on a pretty strict running schedule until the end of August. I was able to rest my back for about 2 1/2 days and then yesterday I managed a 10km. It was really slow but felt great. I’m less worried and think I’ll heal fine. Ill just have to pay attention to what I’m doing.

Moving the mound of dirt for the garden

It was an extremely HOT day

My feet got a little dirty

So many veggies to choose from!

In the end we even had a few flowers

Closing off a great day with a little fire


Welcome the Sun 05/30/2011

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Today is a sunny day and this is supposed to continue throughout the week. Wonderful!

Yesterday I made a visit to my house to do a few things; like cut the grass in the backyard. It was a jungle back there. At one point a frog leaped out of the grass to get away from the lawn mower. So of course I put on some gardening gloves and tried to grab him and put him somewhere safe. He was not having that! Jumping all over the place and making strange sounds.

I actually screamed like a girl and surprised myself! I played with frogs, tadpoles, bugs in general when I was a kid and never screamed! What happened?