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Never, Never, Never Quit 09/06/2011

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(written mid-August)

Over the past few weeks I have been facing some tough things that I’d really not to have to deal with. But that’s not a real choice in life.

I’m a very agreeable person that tends to let things and situations I don’t like or don’t want to face stretch like an elastic band until the last minute. Sometimes the band will break and slap me in the face. This should teach me a lesson; “Melissa if you don’t like something speak up or it’ll spin out of control until it’s unchangeable”.

Sometimes, when I get the band in the face… I bite back.

On July 19th I had an offer on my house and ever since it’s been quite a whirlwind of stories and lies from my real estate agent. I’m making a very long story short but right now I’m taking to a lawyer about the original offer to see if there’s anything that can be done.

These people may have a good reason not to buy my house… but they may not. This is in limbo land because for too long I let myself believe that my agent was honest and working for me. Even though I didn’t always agree with him or think he was doing a good job.

I almost signed a release form to let them out of the contract simply because he told me too. For some reason I said I’d think about it and had a feeling in my stomach that this wasn’t right. It didn’t make sense and they were not following the conditions of the contract.

I’ve chosen not to sign and this has turned my agent into a very unprofessional person who happens to be the broker at Remax. I’ve chosen not to give up on this because I feel I have been wronged; lied too; taken advantage of….

…update; it’s now the 6th of September and I have really moved on from this. I did everything I could do and had to let this one go. I’m in the process now of getting myself a new agent and am SUPER happy about it!!

Keep  your fingers crossed for me please!


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