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Dogs… and stuff 08/10/2011

Filed under: Favourite Things,Running — whatdoiluv @ 06:42

I really love dogs; I am a dog person… as opposed to a cat person!

I had a golden doodle named Zoey and a Standard poodle names Max. Absolute best friends 100% of the time! I was reminded of them yesterday during my 15km run…

I set out at around 5:30 and felt really great. It was warm out but I had my little back pack filled with water and felt prepared. Little did I know I would later be chased by two little dogs.

It really isn’t me that I worry about when a dog looses it and comes for me. It’s the dog I worry about because they bolt into the road and a car could be coming. I’ve basically resolved that the best method to avoid them jumping and attacking is to turn my back to them and tuck in my arms. Oh and stop running.

What do you do when you’re chased by a dog?


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