Before, After and some Bits in Between

BBQ’s make everyone happy! 06/29/2011

Last weekend I went up to Petawawa to spend time with Sean and Bella!

Here’s what we did:

Friday night: We were invited to Noel and Krystal’s for dinner and drinks. We ordered in from pizza pizza because they have gluten-free crusts for yours truly! It was pretty good; chicken, mozzarella and spinach. I set my bed time at 10pm… that did not happen; it was more like midnight.

Saturday: Sean and I puttered around Canadian Tire and Home Depot and I got Sean an early birthday present. Luck guy! We were walking by the BBQ section and buying some cedar planks  to cook salmon on and he saw a beautiful bright red charcoal BBQ. Simple but spunky. I thought it was great when he mentioned that his dad used to use a charcoal BBQ. I’m a sucker for old family stories and memories.

We also watched the last Harry Potter movie that came out. I love the series so thought is was great!! Can’t wait for the very last movie that comes out 2 days before my 30th!

Saturday night: After all the charcoal BBQ talk we had to test it out so we grilled up some chicken and vegetables in a grill basket. It was so delicious and the taste was definitely different than a regular propane BBQ. I think it’s a really nice change.

Sunday: I did a very slow 15km on a very hot and humid Sunday morning. I’m not sure why but my runs seem harder in Petawawa… I’ll have to look into this.

After my run we decided to take a walk to some rapids near by just along a park side. Sean got Bella’s back pack on and we headed out into the sun. It was a very wonderful afternoon and sadly afterwards it was time for me to get moving for my three hour drive.


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