Before, After and some Bits in Between

Updates Galore! 06/13/2011

It’s already June…. almost half way through June.

I can’t believe it! In just over a month I’m going to be 30 years old. Another fact that I can’t really believe.

I don’t feel 30; is that old? I remember when I thought 20″something” was old. Now I’m about to enter into my thirties and feel just as good (if not better) than I ever have. Most of the time I actually feel like a kid still; like I’m still waiting to feel like an adult. I’m going to take that as a good thing!

Here’s what I’ve been up too over the past couple of weeks:


4th June – 5 miles – I was happy with the speed of this one and felt really great afterwards.

5th June – 5miles – I was either tired or not in the head space today because I really was moving slowly but none the less it was alright.

6th June – 3.5miles – this was a last-minute late run on a mountain. The first half was down hill and the second half was back up and it was brutal. Felt awesome!

9th June – 9miles – this was a great run. The weather was sunny as I headed out and whenever I had to run into the sun it was hiding behind clouds. I got quite a lot slower near the end. There’s a picture of my start line.

13th June – 3.25 miles – This was a treadmill run and I killed it! A little old man actually came to find me afterwards while I was stretching to tell me how well I ran. Thank you little old man! After I was all done at the gym I enquired about a trainer and sat with the owner for about 20 minutes. So next week I have 3 X 1.5 hour sessions with him to show me the ropes. I explained my goals and we’ll see what happens next week. I’m really excited about this!

The plan for the rest of this week before training next week:

14th June – I’m going to attempt a long run as I didn’t get one in on the weekend. 15miles.

15th June – Yoga in the park for 45minutes and a 30km bike ride.

16th June – 9 miles

17th June – Rest day

18th June – 15 miles

19th June – 5 miles, very easy.

20th June – Cross training for 40 minutes. Probably bike.

3rd, 4th & 5th at Sean’s House

I was able to leave work last Friday after all and got through Ottawa traffic no problem on the way to Sean’s. I think I arrived at about 4 or 4:30. We had a wonderful evening of grocery shopping, cooking and eating. We sat outside and enjoyed some afternoon sun as well.

Saturday was low-key. I went for a 5 mile run and we ran some errands here and there.

Sunday is the day I have to leave so it got off to a slow start but it turned into date night and Sean took me to Ottawa to see “the Hangover 2”. We had some dinner at a pub before the movie. Because we had to go separate ways afterwards we drove there in separate cars but it was still fantastic. Thank you Sean; it was wonderful! Below is our dinner. (mine was curry stir fry chicken, his was honey garlic)

date night dinner

After the lovely weekend it was back to work and a relatively uneventful week.
When Friday rolled around I had decided I was going downtown Montreal for Grand Prix festivities.
I met up with Sharon; an old friend from college and we watched SLOAN start their set on Crescent street. She soon had to head home to meet some friends that were staying at her house.
I then met up with Becky; my oldest friend in the world; and we had a blast watching the rest of the concert and headed to Grumpies pub after. We closed the place down over amazing chats, great beer and a lot of laughs.

Down the escalator in Mtl. Friday night begins

Sharon and I at some point in the night


Becky and I enjoying Sloan right up front


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