Before, After and some Bits in Between

No one said it would be easy…. 05/31/2011

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Yep; no one ever did say that.

However ; motivation and determination run very deep in these veins and it’ll take a lot before I just give up.

This week has been tough with my house not selling, not really being able to run and kind of feeling like I can’t change the things I’d like to change. Right now though, in this moment…. that’s just not enough to stop me. I may fall a few times here and there… I will  probably cry over this stuff. That’s alright because it helps me get through it.

Tomorrow is a brand new fresh day; I can do anything I want with it. There isn’t one mistake in it….yet.

Quebec City training update: Today was a restful day; I did some core work and tomorrow is a 5 mile run. I’m feeling pretty good!




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