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Shake it up 05/26/2011

Filed under: Operation "Sell/Rent My House" — whatdoiluv @ 20:32

Some days just don’t go according to plan. As frustrating as that may be…. I say why not roll with it! Embrace it and make it yours.

If the universe is allowed to throw you a curve ball every once in a while then why not throw one back and shake things up a little.

If you wake up every morning and have a bowl of your favorite cereal and have been doing just that for as long as you can remember… why not have a smoothie tomorrow? Maybe you’ll love it… maybe you’ll hate it BUT…. you’ll never know unless you try 😉

This is inspired by the fact that I just can’t seem to sell my house!!!

So…. I’m gonna try to rent it. Fingers crossed!


One Response to “Shake it up”

  1. […] does revolve around karma then things could get really exciting at any moment! In an earlier post (Shake it up) I talked about the house I have for sale and how much I would really love to sell it; well…. […]

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