Before, After and some Bits in Between

a few days all wrapped up 05/25/2011

Filed under: Camping/Hiking,Favourite Things — whatdoiluv @ 18:33

Well… the bugs over the weekend were horrendous and unbearable… however the sun shone all day on Saturday and I was able to go swimming in Basin Lake, Algonquin Park. Who doesn’t love swimming in a lake?

The weekend was filled with hot dogs, fires, guitar playing, walks to some falls and ummm, running from the bugs. I swear there was a cloud of them around me at all times; fortunately (except for one trip to the “box” outhouse) I had a shield of deet! I won’t ever mention the box incident again… it was a terrible experience and I think the mosquito’s were in line outside my tent waiting for it to happen. Somehow; they knew.

Oh, I wish I had a picture to show the road caving in on the way there (well it was still there on the way out). Sean’s Corolla IS an off-road vehicle! Ha!

We got home and Sean made the most fantastic “cedar plank salmon” on the BBQ. There was butter, salt, pepper and brown sugar on there… tasty! Thank you Sean

Finally here is Sean and Bella with me!


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